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California Farmers Market is Open! Saturday, 9 AM - 1 PM

Posted 6/28/2019 6:16pm by David Paulk.

Hello Farm Friends,

Celebrate 4th of July with red, white and blue potato salad!  What?! Yes, we have new red potatoes, blue potatoes and creamy white Carola potatoes to express your patriotic culinary skills. We also have fresh salad mix, lettuce, green beans, beets, cucumbers, squash and more! See complete list below. 

Remember that because our veggies are the very freshest, they will hold very well through the week, including 4th of July.  So, come on out with family and friends and stock up on your fresh, flavorful and nutritious veggies for the week! Remember, the most delicious meals are made from the freshest ingredients and simplest preparation. Recipes on our Website.

What we'll have at market tomorrow (photos below):

- New Red, White and Blue Potatoes (New!):  We have plenty of the first potatoes of the season, tasty and versatile Mountain Rose, creamy white Carola and All Blue potatoes for your patriotic potato salads! If you've never eaten potatoes fresh out of the ground, well you are in for a treat. So delicious simply boiled until fork tender and served with a little butter or cut up and roasted in the oven until crisp with sea salt sprinkled on top.  See our Web site for recipes.

- Little Gem Red Lettuce (New!):  Fresh, crunchy bibbs that add beautiful red color to your salad!  Buy one romaine and get a little Gem free!

- Romaine Lettuce (Back!):  Big, beautiful crunchy heads of romaine lettuce. Buy one, get a Little Gem free!

- Green leaf Lettuce (Back!):  fresh, frilly green leaf makes delicious salads and wraps!

- Cherry Tomatoes, Sungold & Sweet Treat (New!): two types of cherry tomatoes to satisfy your tastes.  One very sweet and tangy, like an orange and the other, red and sweet with lower acid.  Both delicious!

- Shishito Peppers (New! Limited quantity):  Limited quantity of the first shishito appetizer peppers of the season.

- Arugula (Back!):  spicy green that adds zing to your salad, pizzas, pastas and more! 

- Beets: Two varieties to try, Red and Chioggia.

- Japanese Cucumbers:  We have plenty of your favorite, long, sweet, small-seeded cukes!  These are very similar to English cucumbers. Great in salads, quick frig. pickles (see recipe on Web site) or make refreshingly cool cucumber water (not just for the spa).

- Lorz Italian Garlic:  Heirloom variety brought to WA state from Italy. Particularly good softneck garlic flavor.  

- Romanian Red Garlic:  Hardneck garlic brought to British Columbia from Romania. Cloves streaked and lined on buff brown background. Excellent garlic flavor.  Especially high in garlic health characteristics.

- Green Beans: We have plenty of delicious (stringless) green beans.

- Onions, Red:  Freshly-harvested, sweet red onions! Great raw on burgers, grilled or saute with vegetables.

- Onions, Yellow:  Freshly-harvested, versatile yellow onions!

 - Superstar Onions:  Your favorite, white sweet onions are here!  Excellent raw on hamburgers or in salads; equally delicious carmelized over medium heat.

- Salad Mix:  Fresh, tasty mix of a variety of lettuces.

- Summer Squash (Zucchini, Zephyr and Yellow): We have plenty of these three delicious varieties of summer squash. Great sauteed, steamed or cooked on the grill. 

- Flaminio Italian Summer Squash:  Romanesco Costata type zucchini. The fruit is attractive with a dark green base and light green ribs. Flesh is nutty and sweet. 

We take cash, credit and debit cards.

The market has additional vegetable vendors, as well as beef, pork, chicken, eggs, local hard cider, local beer and baked goods. 

So, we hope to see you, your friends and family members on Saturday (BAE parking lot, 9am - 1pm). We hope that you are all doing well.

Photos of the Week:


Cherry Tomatoes (limited quantity)


Zephyr Summer Squash


 Cool Fresh Salad Mix


 Green Beans

Superstar Sweet Onions


 Japanese Cucumbers





Thank you, 

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

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