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Week 15: Sassafras Creek Farm Online Store Hours 6 PM - 10 PM Thursday

Posted 8/6/2020 4:18pm by David Paulk.


Welcome to Week 14 of our “Virtual Farmers Market!”  

Below is the link to our online store where you can buy our certified organic vegetables. Note that Anchored Roots Farm is taking tonight's market off to allow their lovely flowers time to recover from the tropical storm. As the seasons change, so do the veggies we have available. There is always something new and delicious to enjoy! Check out what we have this week...

Veggie Updates this week: New! Seedless, sweet red, Extazy watermelons!  More this week: More Roma Canning Tomato boxes (25-lbs), Sangria and Personal-Size Watermelons; Okra; Sweet Oranos peppers, sweet bell peppers, Heritage tomatoes, Red Slicer Tomatoes, 4 kinds of potatoes; 1.5 - 2 lb spaghetti squash (available $1 ea. on-farm during pickup), shishito peppers, Fresh garlic (two varieties!), super sweet Superstar onions, red onions, shallots, carrots, and beets! Note! We are in a squash gap right now. New planting will provide more squash in about 2-3 weeks. 

Online Store: Please check your inbox for an email confirming your purchase was successful. If you did not receive a confirmation email, then the purchase did not go through successfully. During online store open hours, you will then need to go back into the online store and access your cart (upper right corner of the site). Your cart will still have your items in it. Go through the purchase process again. Sorry, its a Square glitch. If you aren't sure, you can email us right away at sassafrascreekfarm@gmail.com. Thank you!

Click on the link below Thursday from 6PM to 10PMHappy Shopping!                       

                            Sassafras Creek Farm Online Store  

Please return your order boxes from the previous week when you pick-up your order this week. Thank you!


  • In our online store, you will see photos and descriptions of items. Select the number of each item. When ready, click “Checkout”.     
  • Pay online with a debit or credit card.
  • $15 Minimum Order, please.
  • You will receive a purchase confirmation email with pick-up instructions.  

PICK-UP:      10 AM – 1 PM SATURDAY (on-farm)

  • Curbside on-farm pick-up 10 AM to 1 PM Saturday only. 
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Stay in your car, please.
  • Follow on-farm signs to the white pick-up tent in front of the red building
  • We’ll put your order in your trunk/hatchback/backseat.

Thank you so much for your support! The response to our online store and Saturday pick-up has been amazing and so positive! Thank you for making this a safe and efficient process for all. We always enjoy seeing you and getting a chance to chat for a bit during pick-up! 

Thank you,

David & Jennifer Paulk

Sassafras Creek Farm

23217 Bayside Road

Leonardtown, MD

Certified Organic by QCS

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