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Fresh Tomato Sauce


10 Large tomatoes or 16 medium to small (cored)

2 tbspns olive oil


fresh basil, oregano, and/or garlic (whatever seasoning you like)

Directions: (Read all the way through before starting)

1. Blanche tomatoes in boiling water for a about a minute; some skins will crack, which indicates they are ready to be removed, using slotted spoon.

2. Immediately put hot tomatoes in cold water. Remove skins from cooled tomatoes. They should slip off easily. Some may need the skin punctured with a knife to help release skin to peel. Put all skinned tomatoes in a bowl.

3. Heat a heavy bottom pan on medium and add olive oil. If adding garlic to your sauce, saute no more than 1 min., so that it doesn't burn. If the garlic gets burned, start over with fresh olive oil and garlic.

4. Put skinned tomatoes in pan and cook on medium, stirring occasionally. Cooking serves to breaks the tomatoes down and then cook off the water to thicken the sauce and concentrate the tomato flavor. To aid this process, you can cut the tomatoes into quarters before adding to the pan, and mash tomatoes (with back of spoon or use potato masher), as they start to soften and breakdown. Be sure to stir periodically while cooking, especially once the sauce starts to thicken, it is more subject to burning. So, watch more closely as it gets closer to the consistency you want for your pasta or pizza sauce. 

5. At any time during step 4, you can add basil and/or oregano. 

6. Recommend adding the salt near the end, and stirring well to incorporate and tasting, instead of adding before sauce has cooked down. If you add salt at the beginning, as the sauce gets concentrated from cooking, so will the salt flavor, which may end up too salty.

7. The sauce can be kept fresh in a container in the fridge for 5 - 7 days, but best flavor is if used immediately.  Use this as a base for your spaghetti sauce, adding other ingredients that you like, or use as a simple, fresh, light tomato sauce on angel hair pasta.  This sauce absolutely makes a huge difference in the flavor of pizza.  You can also freeze this sauce, and then enjoy it in the winter.

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